Delegate to Eden and earn ~12% annually.

Delegate your WAN to our node Eden and earn passive income. ~12% annually at the moment. Validator address 0x2ee42fb01e464f2a4a16e9f93d8d97b31719b997

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Low fee and high quality

~5% delegation fee

5% max fee

The fee will not exceed 5%.

99.99% online

Node will be online all times.

Join or withdraw any time

We do not have access to your coins, you can delegate out at any time.

Future for Eden node

An ecosystem based on wanchain, white paper in development.

Smart community We will build our community and make decisions together. We will develop decentralized finance appliations and all members can benefit from them.

Airdrops We will develop our Eden WRC20 token and use the token in our ecosystem.

Profit-sharing Eden cannot succeed without your support. We will use our profit to reward our members.

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Earn reward with a few button clicks

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